How does On-Site SEO work?

To understand the workings behind SEO Birmingham, it is important to understand that there are two aspects of SEO, namely On-site SEO elements and Off-site SEO elements. Onsite elements normally deal with the content of your website and its infrastructure. To boost traffic quantity and quality, here are a few steps of On-site SEO that you must familiarize with.

1-Identifying Keywords

In order to cope with a very diverse and cast number of searches, Search Engines generate keyword clusters. These are groups of related keywords and phrases, all of which are grouped around a single core keyword phrase. Identifying these clusters is very important for On-site SEO.

2-Matching Content with Keywords

The best way to do this is to assign a separate page of your website to every keyword phrase from a cluster. This way, your website will approach a keyword cluster from every angle, and your website will be able to attain a very high position in the search engine. It is very important to match your existing content to keywords by molding it slightly and adding more references to the keywords.

3-Creating New Content

Once you have identified the keywords that you want your website to approach and to cover, the next step is to generate material that is relevant to the keywords and phrases. A very important job of SEO Birmingham is to generate specific material and content for specific keyword clusters.

4-Having and Maintaining Good Website Architecture

Web design is an integral component of SEO. Not only must the content of your website be relevant and of good quality, it is also important to keep the web design up to par with competition. Not only must you focus on architecture and aesthetics, but also the infrastructure. The SEO expert must ensure that the website is user friendly and that it is able to handle increasing traffic.